Rallylegend 2021

Its all about legacy

Have you witnessed the golden era of rallying in early 80’s, monstrous Group B cars in their natural habitat on the stages? If you were the lucky one, high five. I haven’t and I wasn’t even born back then. I also didn’t have the chance to watch Group A cars competing on the highest level as my journey with motorsport photography started back in 2014. But one day, I heard that there is still unique chance to feel that tiny piece of atmosphere and witness these legendary machines in action like in good old days, on one of a kind event in San Marino called Rallylegend.

We are not here for a long time, but for a good time!

— Colin McRae

Breathe the high octanes.

The quality of this event is determined not only by the legendary rally cars and drivers, but also by the atmosphere created by the fans. This event brings together tens of thousands of rally enthusiasts from all over the world every year. It’s safe to say that if you come here once, you will definitely come back sooner or later.

Tens of thousands of rally fans gathered in one place.

Meet the legends.

Every year, the organizer makes sure that real rally legends and WRC World Champions take part in the competition. Such names as Loeb, Ogier, Baison, Kankkunen, Rohrl and many others should testify to the rank of this event.
The show is one thing, but apart from it, visitors have a chance to get to know their racing idols from the past, taste fantastic Italian cuisine and visit beaitful San Marino, which at this time of the year becomes the cradle of rallies, for many drivers and fans also being the culmination of the motorsport season.

Now take a cup of coffe and enjoy my gallery from Rallylegend 2021 🙂 ..